Rodrigo Zan

During the beginning of his career his developed the First Digital Library in Brazil Neoreader, launched in 2007 for the market and recognized for be one of the most innovate projects in 2008 for a important magazine in Brazil “Isto é Dinheiro”, and Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios”. After many years working in the digital market, he had a turning point in his career when he sold his company, and moved to LA to follow his biggest passion, making films. There he connected with the freedom to express his true self and enlighten the occult potential that he kept hidden during those years.  His photographs and work are a cinematic reflection of life, his perspectives about the experience of his soul in this vessel that we call a body. The necessity to unleash himself from the institutionalization of the mind reflects the freedom that drives him to different ways to express his feelings and thoughts. He directed 3 short films already, “Moments”, “Blue Bird”, “Seeking the Joy”, and is now working on his first feature film.